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ABP at the Cinco De Mayo Bully Bash in South Florida

Here are a few photographs I took at the Cinco De Mayo Bully Bash held by Southern Blue Bullies in  Fort Pierce, FL. I only shot photos in the evening when the sun was setting and did they turn out great! The light only lasted 20 minutes, but I got some awesome photographs!


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Alec Billings Photography visits Critical Bullies Yard!

Here are a few pictures I took  of the dogs at Critical Bullies yard.

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Alec Billings Photography makes the haul to North Carolina!

So we set out Friday morning to on our trip to the North Carolina bully bash, first stop SC to pick up a buddy off mine along the way.  We eventually got into Greensboro after being in the car what seemed like all day around 9pm. We unloaded the dogs and got some rest for the big show saturday. Shout out to Browns Kennels for picking a great spot for the event and for pictures, I got some good ones! The photo sessions started right away I got to work with a favorite of mine Big Poppa and Mo Barrow of Barrows Blue Bullies, shout out to Mo and Big Poppa for winning 2012 Dog of the Year with 30+ best in breed wins! Look out for that picture in the ABKC Front Office! Also got to work with some new faces and up and coming champions, shout out to Jerry Pressley and Gr. Ch. Tromie for doing there thing, Krios a frankenstien son owned by Jessica,  and many more! Here is a few of the pictures taken at the Carolina Bully Bash.


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Alec Billings Photography Travels to Atlanta Bully Mania III

Wow, another great show held by Rolando Mata and Christopher James aka Bully The Kid at the Atlanta Underground! Last year this venue provided some great backdrops to work with, so I was excited to be able to shoot here again! I want to thank everyone who I got to work with, I had a lot of fun and met a lot of new American Bullies and their owners! The Legends class they held saturday was incredible, american bullies that are corner stones in peoples breeding programs were live in the ring! Congratulations to Gr Ch Thug for taking home the Legends Class! Here are some pictures from the show, Enjoy!!!


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Atlanta Bully Expo 2 in Conyers, GA with Alec Billings Photography

For the second year in a row I have attended Atlanta Kennels Atlanta Bully Expo in Conyers, Ga and for the second year in a row it was a great show. This event brought out some of the finest American Bullies on the east coast and even a few dogs from Texas and the MidWest. The venue was huge allowing plenty of space for the kennels, spectators, shows, and the dogs to enjoy themselves comfortably. Atomic Dogg Magazine sponsored the show, releasing the 24th Issue of Atomic Dogg Magazine. Look out for all pictures from ABKC Nationals in Dallas, TX that I took and were featured in the magazine. Its great that shows like these are happening because it is offering such a positive outlet for the American Bullies and the fanciers of the breed to come out and have a great time sharing their passion with other breed enthusiast. Below are some candids from the show as well as some of the photo sessions I did outside at the event. Featured below ABKC Champion B-Lo, Crook (big tri color male), Hilliard’s Rebel of StaticLine Bullies, ShowStopper Kennel’s ABKC Ch. Futuristic…. Alec Billings Photography and Florida Bully Connect want to thank Rachel and Austin of Atlanta Kennels and the crew from ADM for throwing an awesome show! We will definitely be back next year!

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Alec Billings Photography presents the Bullies of Florida Bully Connect

Here are a few new pictures I took of my own American Bullies at Florida Bully Connect in January, I’m very please how they came out! Im always so busy taking pictures of everyone else’s dogs sometime I forget to keep my photos current! For any information on any of these dogs you can visit www.FloridaBullyConnect.com

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Alec Billings Photography will be at the Super Bully Bowl in Ormond Beach, FL!

ABKC Dog Show

Alec Billings Photography will be in Attendance!

If you need professional photographs of your bully as seen in Atomic Dogg Magazine then Alec Billings is your guy! I will have limited photo sessions available for the show so make your appointment today! This is a great time of the year to get some outside pictures! Who knows maybe the next Atomic Dogg Tagg will be taken at the Super Bully Show!

A photo session is $35, up 2 dogs (additional charge more dogs).

Each Publication Image is $15 and includes a free Web-Ready Image.

Contact Alec – 407-590-7148 or email Alec@AlecBillings.com


For more information about the show check the event page on Facebook – Super Bully Bowl January 12th, 2013! 


New Products offered now by Alec Billings Photography

Alec Billings Photography is glad to announce we are now offering some great new products! We have the New Fancy Custom QR codes, Stud Cards, The new Customize Retractable Banners, and Small and Large Custom Banner Printing!

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Alec Billings Photography Photo Booth @ The Bully Independence Show 2 in Perry, GA

So with at this show we brought out the new On-Site Printing setup for the Alec Billings Photography Photo Booth! It was a lot of fun to capture some awesome pictures and then print them for the customers on site! Make sure to stop by the booth if you see us at a show near you! Show hosts if you would like to bring the Alec Billings Photography booth to your show contact alec@alecbillings.com for availability!

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